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Rick Rickman is a Pulitzer Prize-winning Southern California photographer with 30 years experience. His work has been featured on many covers of Time and Newsweek magazines. His project and documentary work has appeared in publications such as National Geographic, Life, Sports Illustrated, and Smithsonian. Rick is an expert documentary, sports, and advertising photographer and his creativity is known world wide.

Rick has worked for almost every publishing interest in this country and many worldwide. His abilities cross over every photographic discipline and his greatest motivator is the challenge presented by each opportunity. He excels in creating unique images that excite the eye and captivate the mind. Rick has traveled the world covering Olympic competitions, wars, political upheavals as well as innumerable social interests and events.

Rick spent the first twelve years of his career working in the newspaper industry, at the Colorado Springs Sun, Des Moines Register, and Orange County Register. At the Orange County Register, he won his Pulitzer for photographing the 1984 Olympics in Los Angeles.

One of his passions is taking pictures of senior athletes. Rick has spent the past two decades chronicling the lives of mature adventurers and amateur athletes who seem to defy the conventional wisdom about what it means to grow old. Rick has teamed up with co-author Donna Wares to write THE WONDER YEARS, a collection of portraits and stories about older men and women, pushing themselves – and our own expectations of what the future has to offer – in extraordinary directions.

Chronicle Books published THE WONDER YEARS in Spring 2009. The book features a foreword by Olympic Gold Medal winner Peggy Fleming, someone who Rick has covered on several occasions.


Rick is also the co-author of a Peach Pit Press book, Composition: From Snapshots to Great Shots


When Rick isn’t shooting pictures or traveling, you’ll find him surfing at his favorite spot, San Onofre State Beach. The waves at Trestle and Churches connect Rick to his center and stimulate a creative base for his photography.  It's the pursuit of the perfect wave that grounds him.

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